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Office of the Development Commissioner
Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ)
Ministry of Commerce & Industry,
Government of India,
Kakkanad, Cochin – 682 037
No. 4/4/93/PLY:CSEZ/ Dated: 6.10.2006
All the EOUs in Kerala and Karnataka.
      Dear Sirs,
Subject: Applications for reimbursement of CST/Duty Drawback -
Status of filing of performance reports – Information reg.
All EOUs, whether in production or under implementation, are liable to submit their Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) and Annual Performance Report (APR) to this office in terms of the legal undertaking executed with Development Commissioner. While the QPRs are required to be submitted within 30 days from the close of each quarter, the APRs are to be filed on or before 30th June of each year. The Foreign Trade Policy also stipulates online submission of these reports. This office has provided the facility for online filing of reports through “CEDIS” which can be accessed at The LOPs of the non-complying units are liable for cancellation. 
It has been noticed that many units fail to submit QPRs/APR, within the stipulated time. The reports are also not being submitted through “CEDIS” which creates problems in compiling data for monitoring the performance of the units. 
In order to adhere to the performance review schedules, the Development Commissioner has laid down the following requisites to ensure timely submission of these reports:
The CST/TED/DBK claims from the units shall be entertained only if they have submitted up-to-date reports and a self-certificate to the effect that QPR/APR submission is up-to-date is attached along with the CST/DBK/TED application.
Amounts already sanctioned against earlier claims, if any, for reimbursement of CST/duty drawback/TED refund will be released only after receipt of the up-to-date reports as aforesaid.
iii) Continued functioning of the defaulted unit as EOU is also liable to be placed in jeopardy. 
The APR hardcopy should be duly certified by Chartered Accountant. The units in Karnataka shall file the QPR/APR hard copies to the Assistant Development Commissioner, CSEZ Sub-Office, Bangalore
Yours faithfully,
(Gowri S Nair)
Dy. Development Commissioner 
Copy forwarded for information to: 
(1) ADC, CSEZ Sub-Office, Bangalore
(2) ADC, (EOU), CSEZ Admn. Bldg.,CSEZ P.O., Kakkanad, Cochin 682 037
(3) SO(Accounts), CSEZ
(4) Guard File.
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