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Approval Committee Reports (Consolidated)

Approval Committees have been constituted for each of the notified Special Economic Zones to exercise the powers and discharge the responsibilities assigned specifically to the committees under sec 14 (1) of SEZ Act, 2005 as well as other provisions of the SEZ Act, 2005 and the SEZ Rules, 2006 framed thereunder.

You can view the Meeting Schedules and Minutes of the Approval Committees in this section.

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Sl.No Type State Date of UAC Minutes
37 SEZ Kerala 05/07/2027 View
36 SEZ Kerala 22/07/2024 View
35 SEZ Karnataka 22/07/2024 View
34 SEZ Karnataka 22/07/2024 View
33 EOU Karnataka 22/07/2024 View
32 SEZ Kerala 05/07/2024 View
31 SEZ Karnataka 06/06/2024 View
30 SEZ Kerala 27/05/2024 View
29 EOU Karnataka 27/05/2024 View
28 SEZ Karnataka 27/05/2024 View
27 SEZ Kerala 13/05/2024 View
26 SEZ Karnataka 13/05/2024 View
25 SEZ Karnataka 13/05/2024 View
24 EOU Karnataka 13/05/2024 View
23 EOU Kerala 23/04/2024 View
22 SEZ Kerala 23/04/2024 View
21 SEZ Karnataka 23/04/2024 View
20 EOU Karnataka 23/04/2024 View
19 SEZ Kerala 04/04/2024 View
18 EOU Kerala 04/04/2024 View
17 EOU Karnataka 04/04/2024 View
16 SEZ Karnataka 04/04/2024 View
15 EOU Karnataka 12/03/2024 View
14 SEZ Karnataka 12/03/2024 View
13 SEZ Kerala 12/03/2024 View
12 SEZ Kerala 27/02/2024 View
11 SEZ Karnataka 27/02/2024 View
10 SEZ Kerala 19/02/2024 View
9 SEZ Karnataka 19/02/2024 View
8 SEZ Karnataka 19/02/2024 View
7 EOU Karnataka 19/02/2024 View
6 EOU Kerala 23/01/2024 View
5 SEZ Kerala 23/01/2024 View
4 SEZ Karnataka 23/01/2024 View
3 SEZ Kerala 10/01/2024 View
2 EOU Kerala 10/01/2024 View
1 SEZ Karnataka 10/01/2024 View


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