Order on Environment Clearances

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Sub: Establishment of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – Policy framework regarding.
Read: 1) Environment (Protection) Act, 1986
  2) Notifications No. S.O.60 (E) dated :27.1.94 issued by MoEF, GOI
  3) G.O.No.FEE 14 ENV 2000 dated:31.12.2001
  4) O.M.No.KSPCB/Del. of Power/Ros/CC/2002/2835 dated 3.8.2002
  5) G.O.No.CI 282 SPI 2002 dated 25.2.2002 of Commerce & Industries Department
  6) U.O. Note No.C1 282 SPI 2001 dated 5.3.2003 of Joint Director (TC), C & I
                   Government of India in the Ministry of Commerce have formulated guidelines for new scheme on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in order to give further boost to exports from the country. SEZs are delineated as foreign territory for the purpose of industrial, service and trade operations, provide for relaxation of existing rules and purpose to remove domestic restrictions and improve the environment for business transactions and operations.
                   The State Government vide Order No.CI 282 SPI 2001 dated 25.2.2002 (read at-5 above) announced a State Policy for Special Economic Zones facilitating governance of the development, operation and management of SEZ and the industrial units to be established therein. Further, the concerned Departments were required to issue consequential notifications/orders in this regard for implementation of SEZ Policy. Hence this order.
Government Order No.FEE 32 ENV 2001, Bangalore, dated 5.5.2003.
Unique Sl. No.51/03
In the facts and circumstances explained in the preamble, the Government is pleased to issue the following order:
The Head of the Regional Office of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), has been made the Empowered Officer of KSPCB for issue of consents required from KSPCB for industrial units and activities within the SEZ and will work with the Development Commissioner designated for the SEZ, Administrative control on technical matters will be with the KSPCB. The Regional Officer of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Hassan, shall exercise such powers as have been delegated to the Regional Office of KSPCB vide Office Memorandum (read at 4 above) issued by KSPCB.
In respect of Orange and Green category industrial units coming up in the SEZ irrespective of investment and in respect of Red category industries with an investment less than Rs.5 crores, the Regional Office of KSPCB would issue the Consents for Establishment and Operation.
For industrial units having investment more than Rs.5 crores and categorized as Red, the Consents for Establishment and Operation would be issued by the Head Office of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Bangalore within shortest possible time.
The Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are covered under the purview of State Environmental Clearance Committee (SECC) and would require Environmental Impact (EIA) studies to be conducted and environmental clearance obtained from SECC (read at – 3 above). However, individual units proposed to be set up in the SEZ do not require environmental clearance from SECC except those units in the purview of Schedule – I of the EIA notification (read at-2 above). These units required environmental clearance from MoEF, Government of India. Consents for Establishment and Operation for such units would be issued by Head Office, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Bangalore. Public Hearing is mandatory for establishing these industrial units listed under Schedule –1 of the EIA notification.
The promoter of the SEZ will have to ensure/provide for treatment and disposal systems in respect of solid waste, trade effluents, hazardous and toxic chemicals individually/collectively or through common facility at a suitable place.
The SEZs should have one-third of the total area exclusively earmarked for development of green belt area within the SEZ.
Monitoring of effluents, emissions, solid waste, hazardous and toxic chemicals for industrial units within the SEZ will be done by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board as per guidelines and standards issued by MoEF, GOI from time to time.
(V R Gaikwad)
Under Secretary to Government,
Dept. of Forest, Ecology & Environment
(Ecology & Environment
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